Insolvency & restructuring

Insolvency & Restructuring

We advise domestic and international clients on all aspects of insolvency law.

We address questions and problems that arise in issues of debt collection and recovery, and assist enterprises facing difficulties in commercial inquiry services in the commercial courts. We assist in planning restructuring measures and their implementation, as well as assisting creditors in dealing with debtors in a state of imminent insolvency (cfr. US Chapter 11 proceedings). We have years of practical experience in dealing with debt collection issues, executing privileges and sureties, and retention and bankruptcy disputes.

We also provide advice and assistance in Continuity of Enterprises Act (WCO) procedures: we assist our clients throughout the entire WCO procedure, both judicially and extrajudicially, in addition to supporting them in implementing the restructuring measures (as prescribed by the reorganisation plan). This includes, inter alia, drafting a reorganisation plan and applications, support in interacting with the appointed judge as well as defending the WCO file before the court, and negotiating an amicable or collective agreement with creditors. Lawyers specialised in company or social law are able to intervene on behalf of their clients in every phase of the procedure (in case of collective agreement as well as transfer of activities).