Corporate - Mergers & Acquisitions

Company law

elegis supports its domestic and international clients in all the aspects of company law. Its lawyers provide their assistance, in particular, at the time of:

  • business creation (choice of the corporate form, drafting of the Articles of Association and shareholders’ agreements, etc.),
  • restructuring operations (merger, splitting, takeover, transfer of shares, acquisition of shareholding),
  • conflicts between shareholders or claims invoking directors’ liability,
  • reorganisation of companies in difficulty (judicial reorganisation by collective agreement or transfer of activity/activities, voluntary liquidation, etc.),
  • liquidation or bankruptcy.

When your company is being incorporated, elegis will guide you through the process of selecting the company form that will be best suited to your activity and in drafting the Articles of Association and any shareholders’ agreements.
elegis is also able to offer you assistance throughout your company’s existence.  For many clients, our law firm takes care of the organisation, management, registration and publication of company documents but we will also be there to assist you in your business development operations.

elegis offers extensive experience in assisting shareholders and directors in organising general meetings and board meetings and resolving difficulties relating to the running of meetings. Our lawyers assist clients in shareholder conflicts, (protection of minority shareholder rights, exclusion or compulsory redemption procedures, etc.) or when their director’s liability is invoked or even conversely to invoke the liability of a shareholder or director.

Lastly, elegis’ clients can count on us when they are facing difficulties to help them to reorganise and overcome setbacks or, if such an operation is no longer possible, to wind up a business or file for bankruptcy.