Commercial & Distribution

Commercial and Distribution

Our department of Commercial and Distribution Law supports companies and individuals in drafting commercial agreements which are a core part of their business activity (sale, provisions of services, distribution, joint venture, transfer of goodwill, commercial leases, etc.).

More particularly, elegis advises its clients in selecting the method of commercial distribution most appropriate to their business (franchise agreement, concession agreement, agency agreement, commission contract, selective distribution contract, supply agreement, etc.) and in setting up a distribution structure or a network at national, European and international level. Assistance is provided both for the negotiation and for the drafting of contracts and agreements (especially framework agreements for the financing of such networks). We also provide support for the analysis of issues raised in the setting up of a distribution network, such as entering into leases, formalities of admission to the occupation and guarantees.

elegis also reviews commercial agreements and provides upfront advice to prevent and manage litigation.

Lastly, our Commercial and Distribution Law department advises these companies in resolving disputes arising from such activities (mediation in civil and commercial matters (mediator accredited by the Federal Mediation Commission), arbitration and representing clients before courts and tribunals).