Public procurement, concessions and PPP

The Public Procurement department proposes comprehensive services adapted to public authorities and private companies in the different aspects of these major areas:

  • Public procurement, concessions and PPP contracts:
    • Assistance to contracting authorities: steering of the procurement procedure, drafting of contract documentation, evaluation and comparison of applications and tenders, drafting of project proposals,
    • Structuring of public real estate projects,
    • Support in the submission of applications and tenders by companies and service providers,
    • Management of all litigation related to the awarding of public contracts, with special focus on public procurement: pre-litigation phase involving the analysis of the contract award decision, action to stay the decision, action for annulment, action for an injunction, and application for compensation.
  • Performance of public procurement contracts, concessions and PPP contracts:
    • Assistance and legal advice on a day-to-day basis to contracting authorities and construction professionals during the different phases in the Building and Public Works sector,
    • Management of litigation arising from the implementation of public contracts: recourse to standard procedures, application of fines and penalties, compensation for construction site disruption, amended cost, granting of approval, etc.