The name “elegis” 

The objective at the time, in 2002, was to give our firm a name which did  not refer to  the name of some of the firm's partners as was customary, while finding a name for it that was  explicit with regard to  our activities. 

The name elegis was chosen for its proximity to the genitive "legis" of the Latin term "lex". 

The "e" was added by what it made think of the electronics which at the time began to penetrate the legal world. It thus links the Roman roots of our law with the society of the 21st century. It also had a Greek alpha connotation. The idea is that in the defense of his client, the lawyer is not subject to any authority since he must precisely be able to defend this client against the arbitrariness of power. This does not mean that the lawyer is not subject to any rule of course. 

The "e" also refers to Europe to mark our attention to European law and the resolution of transnational conflicts. 

Then, in the simple past, elegis means "you choose" which was also a way of emphasizing that our priority are  the wishes and needs of our customers. 

elegis also evoked the term "elegia" which is a poetry of a melancholy and tender tone, lawyers are not bullies, well, not all, but also, , the French term "éloge" which is another form of pleading which consists in saying good things about others and that we like to receive ... 

Finally, from a practical point of view, the word sounded good in the three national languages of the country and was perfectly pronounceable in English while keeping its evocative power in these four languages.