Transport & maritime

Transport & Maritime

Since 1978, elegis’ Transport & Maritime department has assisted various foreign and domestic enterprises and authorities in questions concerning transport and maritime law. Born out of prof. Marc Huybrechts’ practice, the department has accrued a tremendously deep expertise in matters of commercial transport law, transport insurance law, and public and international maritime law.

Over the years, elegis Transport & Maritime has not only gathered a widespread international network of correspondents and clients, but also a deep knowledge of the ins and outs of the Flemish Port Community and in particular the port of Antwerp. This enables elegis Transport & Maritime to offer you quick and professional assistance in even the most complex maritime affairs.

Amongst other areas, our expertise lies in cargo damage claims, collision and general average, freight forwarding, ship rental, seizure of ships (and cargo), salvaging of vessels and cargo, oil pollution, and maritime expertises.

Additionally, we assist our clients in the most diverse matters of import and export, with a particular eye for the problems that freight handlers (nations, stevedores and terminal operators), shippers and interested parties of the good can face (e.g. pledge redemption, liens, SOLAS, etc.).

As a final point, elegis Transport & Maritime also offers a unique, time-honed experience in assisting public-sector authorities.

Our service comprises both consulting and litigation in court.

elegis Transport & Maritime counts cargo and shipping stakeholders, as well as intermediaries such as freight forwarders, shipping agents and stevedores amongst its regular clients, in addition to governments.