Labour & Employment

Labour & Employment

Our Labour & Employment department (labour relations, social security and social criminal law) provides a comprehensive service to domestic and foreign companies, administrations and individuals. Specifically, we offer:

a. Assistance and detailed advice regarding:

  • Recruitment of employees: drafting employment contracts, validating social and fiscal tax regimes, etc.
  • Exercise and work organisation: drafting or amending labour code, car policy, computer / internet / mobile phone policy, working time policies, schedules, part-time employment and reduced working time, time credit, unemployment with company allowance systems (SWT), bullying and workplace wellbeing issues, respecting work/life separation, discrimination, etc.
  • Termination of employment: dismissal, termination by mutual agreement, force majeure on medical grounds, etc.

b. Assistance in collective labor conflicts:

  • Negotiation with union representatives;
  • Drafting of collective bargaining agreements;
  • Intervention following collective redundancies, closure of business, restructuring, personnel transfer, etc.

c. Assistance in interacting with social security institutions:

  • Disputes involving the Belgian National Social Security Office (RSZ/ONSS);
  • Submission to social security payments;
  • Self-employed and executive statuses;
  • Fictive self-employment issues;
  • Worker posting and secondment, etc.

d. Assistance and follow-up in response to social control, contact with and action directed at the authorities

e. Assistance regarding social security:

  • Workplace accidents
  • Occupational disease
  • Disease and disability
  • Retirement

f. Representation before labour and criminal courts in social law disputes