Intellectual Property and Market Practices

Advertising – Games and Competitions – Consumer Information and Protection & E-commerce

Today, intellectual property has become a key asset of companies and self-employed persons regardless of the field of activity. However, if everyone is aware of the existence and the importance of such rights, many questions remain unanswered.
Exactly what rights do people have? In which cases? How to exercise them? How to protect them? How to enhance their value? At what price?

In this case, the practice of our team, first of all, consists of informing you and helping you make the most appropriate choices, in full knowledge of the facts. 

We will assist you both in concluding contracts relating to these rights and in enforcing them or in defending the ensuing rights in litigation proceedings. We endeavour moreover to prioritise negotiated settlements and conciliation as a method of dispute resolution. We also provide representation before the offices responsible for granting trademark rights and we can assist you in trademark registration procedures.

Drawing strength from our involvement with spinoffs in cutting-edge sectors but also with SMEs with ingenious and original ideas, we focus on your company’s concerns and specificities, hence our approach is pragmatic. 

Our expertise extends to trademark rights, patent rights, copyright, neighbouring rights and design and similar rights.

Furthermore, in a society where competition is increasingly tough, competing is not a no-holds-barred free for all. Disparagement, customer and staff poaching, misappropriation of know-how, infringement of trade names, acts creating confusion, misuse of a domain name … all these acts come within what we refer to as “unfair competition”. If freedom of competition and trade should prevail, the freedom to exercise them is not unlimited. 

We will assist you in gauging these limits and measuring the risks. We will advise you in the attitude to adopt and we will work together with you to find solutions to allow you to go wherever you wish while complying with the law.

Additionally, we can assist you upstream in preparing your advertising and downstream in defending your advertising messages, if they are questioned. Our expertise also extends to Games and Competitions, whether online or not, for the organisation of which we can also provide you with the necessary guidance and advice.

Our credo is to answer you that “Yes, it’s possible” and to answer you quickly because we know that these are questions that require immediate answers.

Last but not least, we are particularly attentive to consumer information and protection, the rules of which become increasingly dense whenever legislative changes are made. Which information should be provided? When should it be provided? What are the mandatory particulars? Consumer rights? The risks and penalties in the event of failure to fulfil obligations? 

We are accustomed to such regulations, in this area, we will support you in drafting your general conditions, in fine-tuning your sales processes for the different channels (online sales, telephone selling, door to door, at fairs or in stores), in designing your website and, if needs be, we will defend your solutions before the appropriate administrative authorities (FPS Economy) or in legal proceedings before a court.

We have also acquired a solid practical experience in the area of electronic media and communications and we can assist you in applying regulations specific to this sector as well as defending you, if necessary, before the Belgian Institute for Postal services and Telecommunications