arbitrage et médiation

Arbitration and mediation

Dispute resolution remaining a core practice of our business, elegis is also renowned for its expertise in the field of  arbitration and mediation.

The lawyers of the department have solid  experience both in national or international arbitration, and  in " methods for alternative dispute resolution" (or ADR, for "Alternative Dispute Resolution"), which mainly concern conciliation, reasoned negotiation, civil and commercial mediation, including  compulsory third-party decisions.

As such, they are member of various arbitration associations, including the CCI in Paris, CEPANI in Brussels and the Belgian Federation of Diamond Bourses. They are involved in numerous arbitration proceedings either as arbitrator (sole or as a college) or as counsel to  one of the parties. In addition, elegis has developed specific expertise in the field of sports and defends its clients, among others, before sports arbitration institutions  at national (CBAS in Brussels) and international (TAS in Lausanne) level.

elegis also has mediators accredited  by the Federal Mediation Commission who are regularly appointed by the courts, as well as lawyers trained in mediation which are chosen  by the parties to assist  them during the mediation process.

Finally, and in order to stay at the forefront of developments in alternative dispute resolution, we also practice compulsory third-party adjudication.

Convinced that in certain situations alternative dispute resolution methods constitute interesting alternatives, our lawyers are at your disposal to inform and assist you.