New law for easier debt collection for uncontested invoices at full speed

final notice

Since July, merchants can apply a new and easier debt collection proceedings for their uncontested invoices to other merchants. It is no longer needed to issue a writ of summons to appear in court to aim to get a verdict which can be used for forced execution.

From now on, a court bailiff can – only after a check and request by an attorney – send a formal notice in relation to uncontested invoices. This notice will be turned into an official document which can be executed. The only requirement is for the debtor not to contest the formal notice. After a month and eight days the forced execution can be initiated.

Needless to say that these new proceedings not only gains time, but expenses as well. It should allow merchants to secure their cash flow position. The proceedings contain safeguards for the debtor to contest incorrect invoices timely and herewith prevent a forced execution.

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