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Nathalie Delannoye graduated cum laude as Master of Law in 2008 (University of Antwerp).  Nathalie started working for  elegis-Huybrechts, Engels, Craen & Partners in 2008 and was admitted to the Antwerp Bar in 2011.

Nathalie is specialized in social law (labour law and social security).  With regards to labour law she has established experience both in individual labour law (employment contracts, dismissal,…) as collective labour law (social dialogue, collectif dismissal, closure of enterprise).

She serves both private individuals and enterprises, by providing advice or representing the client’s interests in a law suit.   She assists SME’s and multinationals with advice regarding personnel, in the broadest sense of the word.

Assistance is offered in Dutch, French, English or Spanish at the client’s choice.  Assistance and advice is customized in view of the client’s specific necessities.  Nathalie insists on quick and open correspondence in order to offer practical and pragmatics solutions to clients.

Nathalie is a regular attendant/speaker at seminars and conferences of the Terralex Employment Practice Group, the international association of prominent law firms of which elegis-Huybrechts, Engels, Craen & partners is a senior member. 



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